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The Stage 4 grind is a popular choice for those looking to delete DOD/AFM, or just add some pep to your trucks step. With great power gains and driving characteristics, this camshaft works well with 2800-3200 stall torque converters. NO SPRINGS REQUIRED! Made in the USA! Dragonfly 17 classic for sale
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2 days ago 路 EVO-Tech and Dyno-Boost and Smart-Tune-X fuel controllers remaps the ECU in order to reprogram the engine management to the performance parts preinstalled on the vehicle. They boost the engine horsepower as well as improve fuel mileage. Magnum Tuning has been dealing with manufacture of performance upgrades since 1994.

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If mine is correct, you gain .4:1 compression. If .004" is equal to 1 cc compression area, then you lose 4cc and have to figure your compression as before, but 4cc less volume. Last edited: Nov 26, 2007

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Automatically tune arbitrary SISO and MIMO control structures using the Control System Tuner app or command-line functions. You can tune decentralized control architectures with simple tunable elements such as gains, PID controllers, or low-order filters. You can also jointly tune several loops in a multiloop control system in Simulink.

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399 USD. Wirelessly Download New Tunes. Display Gauges. Massive Full-Color Screen in a More Compact Package. The X4 is SCT Performance's giant leap into the future of vehicle PCM tuning and custom tuning. The SCT X4 replaced the venerable, but aging SCT...

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Unless you are allready an avid PCM tuner, I would leave the PCM tuning to a Pro like Allen. I am not sure which product you are looking at that will allow you to "tune from the cab" but I am willing to bet the gains it will give you will pale in comparison to Allens gains. Allen offers 3 free retunes per year as well.

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Older video of the LQ4 engine-startup. This was previously given a base tune by Matt Happel just to get it started up and disabling the VAT (Vehicle Anti-The...

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18 hours ago, econometrics said: One of the best mods you can do on these trucks. FYI Ive been running the LEDs in mine for almost two years and havent had hyperflash once. 馃憤馃徏 Thank you for the link, I just bought my bulbs. Curious was it easier to reach the bulbs from the hood or underneath?

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- Engine Tuning Secrets with Ben Strader of EFI University (MP3 and Transcript) - $69.95 value Get all of the above courses (many of which not currently available anywhere else) for one single price of just $309.75 $69.95.

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Dodge tuning will be available in 2010. Stop treating that factory engine computer like your enemy and put it to work for you. There are many tuning solutions available that utilize the factory computer in configurations such as 1, 2, and 3 bar speed density operating systems and Real-Time Tuning (RTT) for certain vehicles.

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JB4 is a plug and play chip tune available for turbocharged vehicles. The tuner installs between your car's sensor and it's DME/ECU (computer) and manipulates vehicle performance through these connections. Installs and removes without a trace.

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